Feel Fantastic Mad Trad Music: Contra, Concert, Planxty, Pogues

Welcome to Wild Rumpus Music! Our Mad Beats lure Dancers to Dance Their Cares Away, and lift concert audiences to their feet and through the roof. Let your Feet Fly, Your Heart Sigh, and Melt Into to the Sound that Will Leave You Smiling long after the last note has ended . . . .

Wild Rumpus is Deborah Clark Colón (fiddle, vocals), Bobby Douglas (drums, percussion, vocals), and Karl Clark Colón (guitar, vocals, shouting). We know what you want: the timeless beauty of tradition and the pulse-pounding rhythms that remind you that you are alive now.

We deliver. Join us. Listen. Dance. Fly. It's Rumpus Time!

Downloads Are Ready, Dayton Celtic Festival and Dublin Irish Festivals Coming Up! 

You can download our first recording -- Riding the Wave -- right now at https://wildrumpusmusic.com/music! If you'd like to get a physical CD, drop us a Rumpus-Gram at https://wildrumpusmusic.com/contact.

We have shows coming up at the Dayton Celtic Festival in late July and the Dublin Irish Festival in early August!  Drop by our calendar for more information at https://wildrumpusmusic.com/shows

See you soon!


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